Looking far and wide for the best web design and web development company in Toronto? Do you want a website that’s made with conversions in mind? Web design and development is synonymous to teamwork and collaboration among many different experts. Summer Digital is a Toronto website development company that can tend to your business’s digital marketing needs and provide digital solutions that stand the test of time.

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Summer Digital To Conquer The Digital Marketing Landscape

We strive to bring our clients creative solutions and to think out of the box when it comes to their website design in Toronto. We do not consider ourselves a basic web design agency. When it comes to our web design services, we work as a team with our clients to bring web designs to the table that are worthy of the trust they are showing us. Each web design project is unique and our design services are never the same and they are never generic.

Online marketing for a small business is a necessary step towards the future and viability of the business. E commerce is here to stay and it is making things a whole lot easier. Still, no product or service is the same as everything else. This is why our web designers offer a custom solution to each client to make sure that their product or service gets the visibility it deserves. To do that, we make sure that we follow all the necessary steps for search engine optimization and social media optimization.

We take pride in our marketing services because they are proving to be successful and fruitful. Our client testimonials can attest to that claim! Many happy clients have trusted our experienced and passionate team with the design and development of their website and their digital strategy to take their business to the future. And they were right!

Website Design Toronto: Do You Know What It Is?

Web development is an inclusive term that refers to the construction and maintenance of websites. The web design agency deals with all the different web development aspects and the development process so as to provide premier web design solutions.

Web development includes web design, web publishing, web programming, and data management with applications such as web pages.

Canada Web Design – Stages of Web Development Company

A Toronto web design agency like Summer Digital can really elevate your brand and put you on the map. The two main stages of web development are frontend development and backend development. Frontend development refers to the website design process that is interacting with the client (the client part of web development). Backend development refers to any task related to web hosting. Clients are not in direct contact with that part of development. This is the responsibility of the development agency.

Website Development Toronto: Is It Important?

A web page that is clearly structured and easy to follow for the viewer can help in two ways:

  1. It can increase traffic to your web page. This means that more people will view your product or services.
  2. The viewer can understand your product or your service more easily because of the combination of text, images, animations, etc.

A well-formed website helps you reach more clients. You may think that this is true for established businesses but a small business can have great potential and quick clientele growth with a well-structured website. Naturally, this is the job of a web design and web development company.

Summer Digital is a Toronto based web design company that can build a website for your business and help you grow even more.

Web Design and Development Process: The Basic Steps

Any process -web development included- starts with thorough planning. It is the most important stage and it helps the client visualize how the website is going to be.

Step 1: Plan Your Website With Summer Digital

At Summer Digital we talk with our clients to understand their web design and development goals, their audience, and their requests, and we carefully listen to their suggestions. The members of our experienced and passionate team offer their suggestions and advice so as to achieve the best possible outcome in the web development process.

After receiving all relevant information, we make sure to lay out a site map. This serves as a reference point whenever the client/user finds themselves confused. The site map offers a thorough layout of the webpage instead of just listing pages.

The planning stage is completed with the contract between Summer Digital and our client. The contract includes all financial information such as total cost, payment terms, copyright ownership, timelines, and all relevant clauses.

Step 2: Web Design

This step of the web design process is the implementation of what has been discussed and agreed upon in the Planning stage. Summer Digital works to ensure that all the information you requested will be on the website and the end result is a visual representation of your webpage. Website development is not a do-the-same-for-everybody process and not everyone gets the same page. Custom web development means you will get a website built for your business and your particular needs.

Our web design agency can secure that you are getting a new website built to enhance your web presence and increase your business success.

Step 3: Web Development

The web development process is the hands-on part of your website development. At this stage, most of the programming happens and the end result is a fully-fledged website.

Step 4: Launching the New Website

Once the website is developed, it is then ready for the public to view it. This requires final touches, testing of all features on the site, and a consideration of what the user experiences.

This stage ensures that your website will be available in all browsers and that all links and features work optimally.

After your site is launched, then it is live and ready to be delivered to the client.

How Will People View My Website?

This is possibly one of the most frequent questions we get from our clients. And it’s perfectly normal!

Once your site goes live, how will people know it? This question can actually be rephrased as ‘How will my site rank high in search engines?’.

The Answer Is…

The answer is an acronym: SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO means your site shows up on Google searches whenever a user searches for a product/service like yours.

SEO services include all processes of optimizing your website once it is designed, developed, and launched.

It is very common for businesses to have two separate teams: one for web design and one for search engine optimization. However, even if these two teams work together, this cannot ensure that your website will be designed in an SEO-friendly manner. At Summer Digital our web designers work to ensure both an attractive web design that can enhance your brand identity and a search engine optimization solution that will make you more visible to the internet community.

Why Do I Need SEO?

Search engine optimization is important for the following reasons:

  1. It increases the volume of people who are viewing your website, i.e. the organic traffic (traffic that has not been paid for). Increasing your organic traffic means more people are finding your website with a search on search engines.
  2. It increases your brand identity and brand awareness. Coming up on Google searches means more people are viewing your brand. Here a successful logo design and development can make all the difference. This traffic is high-intent because your website comes up even when people are not distinctly searching for it.
  3. Search engine optimization is an integral part of any marketing strategy. If you want your website to be on the good side of Google, you need to have top-of-the-line search engine optimization. This means that the user finds your site easy to navigate and ultimately finds the information they are looking for.
  4. Search engine rankings and search engine optimization do not cost a lot. SEO services are usually low cost but they make the most out of your marketing budget. They are essential to your digital strategy and they can ensure more visibility and therefore, more potential clients.

What Can I Do To Improve my SEO Web Design?

Some people have a baseline knowledge of SEO so they venture on their own. However, this cannot compare with the work of an expert web designer who can oversee the process along with an SEO Expert from its planning stage until it’s live and ready to reach its full potential.

Our web development company offers complete packages of web development services and SEO services so that when we hand over the website, it will be up and running to bring your more customers and increase your brand awareness.

#1 Keeping it mobile-friendly

One of the basic steps for search engine optimization is to make your website mobile-friendly. Everyone uses a smartphone now so making your website easy to navigate when someone is viewing it on their phone will definitely add to the whole web design development success. To this end, a mobile app development can amp things up significantly.

#2 Speed Matters

Another important step for search engine optimization is speed. No one stays on a website that takes ages to load. And Google won’t give it to them. At Summer Digital our web designers check all things related to website speed such as website hosting, plugins, traffic volume, etc. in order to improve your website speed thereby making it more visible and with higher search engine rankings.

#3 Looking Good

Website design services include not just the layout of your website but the actual details of it like font size, headings, texts, etc. Is your website easy to read?

Think of yourself reading a book. If it is too densely written and you can barely make out the words, will you keep reading it? Similarly, web design needs to account for readability issues and web designers work to make it as easy to read as possible.

#4 Visuals Count

Images are everything. No website can be deemed successful if it’s just words. But, images have titles that work like descriptions for Google. If you give your image a generic name like ‘front_page_image.jpg’, then Google will have no idea what to do with it.

Instead, naming your images with keywords helps Google bring your website higher and higher on search engines results.

#5 User Experience Comes First

At Summer Digital, our web designers do not only deal with the overall look of your website. We also take care of the navigation ease of your website, i.e. user experience. Having categories and subcategories definitely helps.

Think of this: if you have an e commerce website with thousands of products, wouldn’t it be easier to categorize everything? The answer is simple and Google agrees.

The key to a website that’s going to bring your business success is an optimal web design and search engine optimization. Your end goal should be to rank high on search engines because the more people view your website, the more potential customers you can get.

Summer Digital Can Build A Website For You!

Our Toronto web design and web development company deals with web design and provides top-of-the-line web design services. A website is quite possibly the most useful and powerful tool you have at your disposal to make your business thrive.

Consider the importance and necessity of today’s markets: digital marketing and e commerce are ever-increasing. Do a test: ask anybody next to you how they can find a tattoo shop near them. Everyone will run to search engines. No one will ask around or look for it on the yellow pages. Everyone will turn to their smartphones or nearby computers and Google away.

The need for quick turnaround times for websites is here and our digital marketing agency can come to the rescue. Our Toronto web designers are specialized to make your website rank high in Google searches by building you a website that people will see and visit.

Summer Digital Knows Web Design and Web Development

We can help you in all stages of making you a website starting with custom solutions that we tailor to your needs. First, we deal with web design and development and we are proud to be one of the top Canadian web development agencies. Secondly, our digital marketing services can help your business rise to the top because we bring you digital marketing solutions and digital marketing initiatives that can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Contact Summer Digital Now!

If you are looking for a web design and web development company in Toronto, look no further. Summer Digital has got you covered when it comes to being your digital marketing partner and your trusted web design agency. We have some of the best website builders Canada and the results are evident in our case studies.

We offer digital solutions for your business depending on your needs starting with the most important step of web design and development. And we don’t stop there! We build your digital marketing strategy including social media marketing and all marketing services necessary for your business to thrive! We take special care of the website’s search engine optimization and we always deliver premium SEO services.

Don’t think that if you have a small business, a website development agency can do nothing for you. Get ready to experience high-end web design services that can take your business to the future.

Contact Summer Digital and plan your website today. Look through our web design portfolio and bring your ideas to the table. We will discuss them and come up with the best web design and development services and the optimal digital marketing strategy for your business.

Read our client testimonials and you will understand why everyone trusts us with their website design. Our Toronto web design company and digital marketing agency can simply work wonders for you!