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Managed IT Services

Ensure hassle-free IT operations and maintain software infrastructure with a dedicated team of experts based in downtown Toronto.

Making IT user-friendly to facilitate daily tasks and streamline workflow.

The right IT support and services can help maintain efficient workflow and make IT infrastructure management burden-free. Summer Digital offers simplified IT services and management for small to medium businesses to help facilitate daily work and reduce expenses that come with in-house management. Summer Digital’s proactive Managed IT Services program facilitates businesses with a Managed IT services provider (MSP) team to address all software and hardware requirements with cost-efficient, stable and reliable solutions to suit all other technology and IT needs.

Managed Services to address all IT needs

Facilitate business activities and make technology hassle-free through Summer Digital’s reliable and effective IT services.


Why Summer Digital?

  • Maintain uptime with cloud backups that serve as a reliable data recovery contingency.

  • Improve security through monitoring and alert tools that eliminate data breach and cyber threats.

  • Enhance the performance and management of infrastructure through ongoing system monitoring.

  • Benefit from fully customizable services designed around unique business needs.

  • Improve decision making for everything technology related through readily available in-house consultations.

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Auditing and reviewing the current technology infrastructure in place.


Providing a detailed report on the areas that need work and an implementation timeline.


Executing the step-by-step timeline on schedule with early identification of potential roadblocks to minimize hiccups in the user experience.


Activating monitoring technology to review data information and security and the prevention of phishing, malware, and cyber attacks.


When you come on-board with Anchor, we’ll sit down with key people from your company and perform a full analysis of your current technology situation.


We’ll propose–in detail–a roadmap to fix, improve, and secure every piece of your company’s technology stack. From network to smartphones, passwords to printers.


We put in place the plan that was created in step 2. Though different for every situation, this involves things like training your employees, implementing firewalls, and more.


We monitor your IT 24/7 for signs of intruders. Most of this is online and so if anything fishy comes up on our radars, we handle it and keep you informed.

Full list of services


Remote access to Troubleshoot IT problems

Offering remote solutions to most technology problems and preventing time losses that accompany site visits, using secure and reliable technology.

Ongoing reporting

Providing a routine report of the security status and potential threats to foster a culture of secure information and data management.

Client support services

Providing phone and email support for information technology related problems. After work hours support is additionally provided for urgent problems.

Desktop and Laptop Management

Addressing common desktop & laptop problems such as internet speed, abnormally functioning operating systems, unscheduled reboots etc. with updating as required. Additionally, providing support for installing and configuring new hardware.

Patch Management

Deployment of software patches using administrator’s control over operating system, platform or application updates in accordance with industry guidelines on a predetermined timeline to reduce any incidents.

IT Management

Keeping track of all IT related areas and providing updates and maintenance as required. Assisting with budgeting and advising on IT avenues, as well as collaborating with any IT staff and providing consistent reporting on ongoing work.

Cyber Security

Enabling data protection to ensure cyber security and preventing data breach and intrusion.

Why Summer Digital?

Summer Digital is dedicated to providing hassle free IT management services and working on long-term solutions. To gain proactive management and simplified solutions for small to medium businesses, Summer Digital is an ideal choice. Their team of experts is committed to addressing any IT related problems with uncomplicated solutions regardless of the complexity of the issues.


What does managed IT services entail?2023-03-10T07:06:45+00:00

Managed IT services is outsourcing IT systems to a third-party. This is the managed service provider that will take responsibility for the IT services, software and hardware of their client. These managed services include various technical solutions that the client can benefit from. Mainly, the managed service provider controls the daily IT management which reduces the cost of doing it all in-house and also gives an indication of pricing to reduce unexpected expenses. To avail managed IT services, clients have to pay a monthly fee for the duration of the contract. 

Why choose Summer Digital to be the IT Managed Service Provider (MSP)?2023-03-14T09:22:29+00:00

Summer Digital’s team of experts offers simplified solutions to all IT related concerns. They provide user-friendly services that make daily tasks easier and remove the burden of addressing potential technology problems that may arise. Mainly catering to small and medium businesses, Summer Digital is available for constant support and IT consulting for any concerns that may arise.

How expensive are Managed IT services?2023-03-10T07:19:57+00:00

Depending on the services opted for by the business, Managed IT services have differing costs. Summer Digital provides cost-effective solutions and reduces the burden of expenses created by managing IT in-house. A per-user quote is also available upon consultation for a fair indication of pricing.

What Managed IT Services does Summer Digital offer?2023-03-10T12:51:31+00:00

Summer Digital provides a range of services to address differing business needs. This addresses all IT related concerns from software management to hardware purchasing. A full list of services: Remote access to troubleshooting IT concerns, Ongoing reporting, Client support services, Ticketing services, Desktop & Laptop Management, Patch Management, IT management, and Cyber Security. Details on these services can be found here.

How are managed IT services helpful?2023-03-10T07:29:21+00:00

Through using a managed IT service provider, the hassle of all technology related concerns is alleviated. A managed service provider can take responsibility for all IT management on a daily basis and their team of experts can provide support for any IT problem that arises. Choosing a managed IT service provider also reduces the cost of in-house IT management. Furthermore, readily available IT consulting for all IT related concerns improves decision making on these avenues.

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