The integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions can unify the applications you use, and is vital if your business is to increase efficiency. ERP is business-management software, and is usually a suite of integrated applications that allow an organization to manage and automate back office functions related to technology, services, and human resources.

TLC Solutions provides a wide range of ERP Consulting Services to make sure that you’re getting the most from your ERP software, and that it completely meets your business needs.


Mobile Apps

It is a fact that in recent years the number of mobile devices in the market has multiplied exponentially. This growth is accompanied by the constant emergence of new gadgets and operating systems, which, although they contribute variety to the mobile ecosystem, generate difficulties when developing applications that work homogeneously in the different systems available. We know these difficulties well and how they condition the development of an application. That is why we have a team specialized in the development of applications for both Android and iOS, with the ability to create your fully customized and tailored app for any variety of devices and platforms.

App development is a very complex process that consists of several distinct phases. In Appstudio we accompany you along this path, advising you and carrying out each of its parts. By providing our long experience in projects with similar characteristics, we achieve your goals by optimizing time and resources. We also pay attention to the subsequent development of the graphic material, analyzing aspects related to the user experience and the possibilities of adapting the interface to different screen sizes and ratios. In Appstudio we have programmers specialized in the development of native applications for Android, iOs or Windows Phone systems, as well as an expert team in the creation of multiplatform apps.


Finance and Accounting

While there is certainly no shortage of small business accounting software available today, choosing the right tool can be deceptively challenging.

With so much overlap in functionality and considerable differences in pricing, it’s all too easy for business owners to end up choosing the wrong accounting tool. After even a modest length of time, switching to another accounting program can seem more of a hassle than it’s worth––a great example of the sunk cost fallacy––which makes choosing the right tool in the first place particularly important.


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